The Seat

Full Movie

Log line

It begins and ends with a seat.


Kamla is a Sri Lankan woman who has struggled with alcoholism for many years. She is also a driving instructor who is facing financial ruin. Miyako, needy Japanese immigrant, has also endured recent struggles of her own. Things go drastically wrong when Kamla and Miyako cross paths in this unforgettable short film.

Written, Directed and Edited by Aby Rao


Mana Ogasawara-Reshamwala

Bina High

Production Assistant

Suzin Daly

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Produced by Preeti Vidwans Aby Rao

Special Thanks to Saleem and Raheem Reshamwala, Jyoti & Mradula Rao, Milind Rao, Dhvani Merchant, Shubha & Mo Vidwans, Sejal Mehta and Spice Bazaar.


Production Stills

The Seat 4
The Seat 3
The Seat 2
The Seat 1
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