Pressure Cooked

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Priyanka, an Indian-American chef, who has constantly struggled with food, feminism and race, watches this unfold during a planning session of her food show.


When Priyanka, an Indian-American chef, meets with her show producer and director to plan the next episode, things go awry. Priyanka has an unhealthy relationship with food, which comes to the forefront as they discuss the details of her show. Furthermore, as a person of color, she has to constantly navigate the world of race and stereotyping, while at the same time, attempting to realize her ethnic and cultural vision for the show. Dealing with feminists can be exasperating as she often finds herself on the opposite side of an argument. Also, as a “model minority,” Priyanka is expected to be on her best behavior, which can be stifling, as witnessed in this comical short film.


Joya Joseph
Hilary Barry
Lilly Nelson

Produced by
Aby Rao
Joya Joseph

Screenplay by
Joya Joseph

Directed & Edited by
Aby Rao

Sound Design by
MT Voices

Music by
Hélice’s Theme by Komiku
is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.


Production Stills

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