Narrative Short Films



Plot Outline

Harjinder (Honey) Singh is a 12-year-old Indian-American boy poised on the brink of a major turning point in his life. His parents’ obsession with raising a national spelling bee champion sharply conflicts with his desire to pursue more “creative” interests. This humorous mockumentary chronicles Honey’s journey to determine the right path for him.


Log line

It begins and ends with a seat.


Kamla is a Sri Lankan woman who has struggled with alcoholism for many years. She is also a driving instructor who is facing financial ruin. Miyako, needy Japanese immigrant, has also endured recent struggles of her own. Things go drastically wrong when Kamla and Miyako cross paths in this unforgettable short film.



DECHEN, a character-driven thriller, highlights the trials and tribulations faced by a refugee from Tibet. Since being smuggled into the US, she has led a life of anonymity and despair. By pure happenstance, she finds herself in a church, which offers her the three requisites of Buddhist living, including shelter, clothing and food, as well as some nostalgic flashbacks to her homeland. Unfortunately, this respite does not last long and Dechen is again challenged with all the complexities that life has to offer.