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When a routine exam uncovers a feisty farmer’s prostate cancer, he explores his options with doctors, survivors, pundits, and the family, in this gripping, educational docudrama.

Elmer Stroud owns a farm in Western, Pennsylvania. He is stunned when he learns he has prostate cancer. His immediate reaction is to investigate everything he can about the disease.

Elmer’s story is the story of every man, as we all struggle with our, and our loved ones, diagnosis. His investigation answers many of the questions we all need to know as he shines the light on prostate cancer by removing its stigmas and taboos. You will hear words right from the mouths of survivors and more, candidly discussing their plight, as they fight for their lives from this dreaded disease.

After hearing about how doctors gingerly treat the deadly disease, and how patients and their families are painfully dealing with it, each using a different treatment option, Farmer Elmer returns to his family with the information he needs to make a good decision.