2020 Film Projects

We are excited to give you a glimpse of our projects for 2020.

The Marriage Plot – Narrative Feature – Language: English and Thai – The Marriage plot is currently in post-production which deals with the topic of marriage-based green card. Blend of drama and comedy, this film will certainly keep you intrigued till the end. The film was shot in 4 days.

Hielo -Narrative Short – Language: Spanish – Hielo is inspired by the immigration raids that took place in North Carolina in 2018 and 2019. The hispanic community in central North Carolina was heavily impacted and this film depicts a personal story. This Spanish film was shot in a single day with local actors from the Latino & Latina community.

The Vice – Documentary Short -Language: English – The VICE is a short documentary that brings to light aspirations of an Indian Curling team. Phani Medida explains the intricacies of curling and shares his desire to form an Indian curling team.

The Guide – Narrative Feature – Language: English and Karen – The GUIDE is a feature film about Talar Hso, a refugee teenager living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina who is a model student and involved in farming, church, family, Karen community and school. Her energy, communication skills and wisdom is worth a watch. This film blends fiction and non-fiction to provide an insight into Talar’s life.

Viaje (Journey) – Documentary Short – Language: Spanish – VIAJE presents story of Olga Vigoya who migrated from Columbia to the US under challenging circumstances. She narrates her story of hope, aspiration and perseverance.

Paraiso (Paradise) – Documentary Short – Language: Spanish – PARAISO is about 87 year old Leonor Vigoya who moved to the US late in her life to support her large family. She is legally blind but in great health and an inspiration to people half her age. She talks about how US is a paradise to her.

Nostalgia (Nostalgia) – Documentary Short – Language: Spanish – NOSTALGIA is that last of 3-part series which presents Israel Leon who moved to the US from Mexico. He works as a part-time DJ at a local Greensboro Latin radio station.

Tapochki (House Slippers) – Narrative Short – Language: Russian and English – TAPOCHKI is part-animation part-live action short film about a young businessman who travels to the US to seek answers about his existence. This film is inspired by Haruki Murakami’s short stories.