VerveFilms is an Independent Film & Video Creative House creating art in the form of short & feature films, music videos and documentaries.

Company Overview

We believe in digital storytelling at the intersection of integrity and enthusiasm. We have the best talent to deliver various projects within budget. One of our company goals is to offer the best customer service at a reasonable cost. All our employees are trained to treat everyone we interact with respect and dignity. Although our team is small we love to collaborate with other passionate storytellers.

Founding date

VerveFilms was founded in 2009 by storytellers who believe in sharing stories that hope to make a difference in this world. No story is too small, life is nothing but a quilt of memories woven together.


Work presented at various Film Festivals, TV Channels, Newspapers and much more. Our work is available for viewing not just on the Internet but also on satellite channels and film festivals.


We are in the creative business of delivering end-to-end products in areas such as Film, Video, New Media, Online Video platforms, stock footage, motion-graphics, animation, 2D, 3D, visual effects and tons and tons of energy and enthusiasm.